Fundición Gutierrez

Gold has been and will continue being the most precious metal man has discovered. Centuries of history trace strength and splendor. Gold is also the symbol of confidence, thanks to its value and sustainability over time.

With an Experience of more than 130 years, C. I. J. Gutiérrez & Cia. Is the most important business gold refiner of Colombia. The efficiency and honorableness in the management of the business of precious metals, have permitted to obtain the confidence of the Colombian State to refine the reserves of gold of the country in gold law Good Delivery.

Intermediary of the purchase

Not least important is the function that performs , C. I. J. Gutiérrez & Cia as intermediary of the purchase and sale of the gold mined in Colombia by hand.

The best offering

The company is guarantee for the small miners of the best offering of the metal in order to sell to large national and international marketers. This guarantee the sustainable development of the legal and hand mining industry of the country.


To attend in a successful way the world market of jewelry store, C. I. J. Gutiérrez & Cia S.A. constituted the company G. & S. S.A., owner of one of the most modern jewelry store production plants of Latin America.