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During more than one hundred and thirty years of existence, the company has contributed to business development in the region of Antioquia, to consolidate Medellin as a smelting center in the country, and progress in smelting techniques. 

Boyacá Cross

Our work has been recognized by the National Government 2 times being one LA CRUZ DE BOYACA, the highest distinction granted by the Colombian Government.

On May12, 1966, the Minister of Finance, Joaquin Trujillo, imposed LA CRUZ DE BOYACA to Don Carlos Gutierrez Bravo, that time was recognized as one of the country´s leading businessmen. Held various public offices and participated in several business companies boards, especially in Antioquia, among other groups was J. Gutierrez and co, managing the Casa de Fundicion y Ensayes de J.V. & H.

The “Order of Boyacá“, was created by Simon Bolivar to reward the efforts and sacrifices of the heroes of liberating campaign of 1819. Today is the most valuable prize then the Republic of Colombia grants to officers who are distinguished for their service in the Army, and is the highest honorary distinction for the “eminent” citizens who are awarded on personal merit and to foreigners from “friendly countries of Colombia” which the government wants to have a testimony of international brotherhood.

National Order of Merit Silver Cross

In 1990 he was awarded with the NATIONAL ORDER OF MERIT SILVER CROSS, because its contribution on  business development.