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To attend in a successful way the world market of jewelry store, C. I. J. Gutiérrez and Cia S.A. constituted the company G. and S. S.A., owner of one of the most modern jewelry store production plants of Latin America. In the production plant of G. y S S.A ., conjugates the diligence and the care of the handmade work with efficiency and precision that permits to give the latest technology available for the jewelry store pieces production.

Located in Medellín, Colombia, this production plant has an installed capacity to produce 600 kilograms of jewelry store monthly in the systems of die-cut, tubular and casting. On the other hand, counts on a system of unique galvanic bath in Colombia that permits to give a just excellent quality to the pieces. Most of the personnel t working in the plant of jewelry are a family head women with a high degree of overcoming personal and labor and committed to the demanding standards of quality of the Company.

All production processes are controlled and supported by international quality standards. Throughout the process, the pieces of jewelry are subjected to strict quality controls allowing to obtain refined appearance and perfect processing products.

The research, creation and development of new products is a constant of the organization. Hand in hand with providers who advise G. S. S.A. in the implementation of high-technologies, and together with an interdisciplinary working group, create innovative pieces of jewelry at very competitive prices for the world market.

In addition, the appropriate infrastructure to develop new designs of jewelry according to the needs and requirements of each client.