Since 1880

By the late nineteenth century had been overcome wars of independence, and Colombia had come into contact with different countries to Spain, being especially noticeable the influence of the ideas that were discussed at that time in France and the United States of America.

The Antioquia region was shown as one of the most prosperous of the country, thanks to its mineral wealth and the higher gold production that characterized this period, the development of trade in the capital Medellin, the creation of new businesses, the construction of Antioquia Railroad-Ferrocaril de Antioquia- that facilitated communication with other parts of the country, and even with the exterior through the Magdalena River, and the creation of the University of Antioquia and the subsequent School of Mines of National University, where the main leaders of Antioquia were educated. In this context is created the Foundry House of the Gutierrez family, whose growth has been accompanied by the development of a business tradition in Antioquia.